Film exhibition, Reykjavík Iceland

Circumpolar Film exhibition organized by IACSI:

In 2019, during the ICO International Multidisciplinary Conference organized at the University of Iceland Reykjavik (April 1-3, 2019), it was developed a “Circumpolar Film Exhibition Day” with the collaboration of the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF). 

Award for the “Exceptional Circumpolar Trajectory”.

On April 2, 2019, while it was running the international IACSI-ICO conference at the Univetsity of Iceland in Reykjavík, Dr Juan Carlos Luján, received the Award for the “Exceptional Circumpolar Trajectory”. It was decided unanimously in the Ordinary Session of the ICO’S Board of directors held in Yakutsk, Siberia (Russia) on December 2, 2018, for his extensive activity and career in the Antarctic Continent, through his participation in the founding and subsequent development of the Marambio Antarctic Base (Argentina), as well as his outstanding work over five decades for the better knowledge, conservation and development of Antarctica through the NGO Marambio Foundation, ensuring the strengthening of interpersonal and international relations in Extreme and Circumpolar environments,  and prioritizing the importance of Education and Dissemination of the Antarctic issues for the common good.


Lecture at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad del Salvador

What is the “Imagined North”? Ethical Principles by Daniel Chartier


Dr Mariana Colotta, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (Universidad del Salvador, USAL), Dr Holmfridur Gardarsdóttir (University of Iceland), and Dr Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez (PIECA, Faculty of Social Sciences, USAL).

Montréal and Harstad (Norway), Imaginaire Nord and Arctic Arts Summit, coll. « Isberg » (157 pages)

Project carried out by the International Laboratory for Research on Imaginary of the North, Winter and the Arctic of the University of Quebec in Montreal, this book aims to lay the methodological bases of the multidisciplinary analysis of the imagination of the North as a complex, plurilingual, pluricultural and variable cultural object. The objective is both to “recomplexify” the North and the Arctic, which have been simplified for too long; include the indigenous point of view, which is often overlooked; and to lay the ethical foundations for the study of the North and the Arctic from a cultural point of view.



Dr Dóra S. Bjarnason (1947-2020)

Dr Dóra S. Bjarnason, from the School of Education of the University of Iceland, lectured the first week of May at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Universidad del Salvador, USAL, Argentina) for graduate and undergraduate students about Family and Disability; and at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) for graduate and Ph.D candidates, on Towards inclusive education: policies and practices in Iceland.

Working Group

The working group in front of the largest prison in Iceland, Litla-Hraun. Together with Halldór Valur Pálsson, Litla-Hraun prison director.
From left Helgi Gunnlaugsson (Iceland), Halldór Valur Pálsson, Agneta Mallén (Åland Islands), Anette Storgaard (Denmark), Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen (Greenland), Monica Hjelm-Rasmussen (Faroe Islands) and Hedda Giertsen (Norway).

Nordic working group

A Nordic working group studied variations and similarities on crime, incarceration and control in four island societies: The Faroe Islands, the Åland Islands, Greenland and Iceland.Their research was presented at a conference in Nuuk, Greenland beginning of October 2019


University lecture, Montevideo, Uruguay

On April 15, Professor Helgi Gunnlaugsson from the University of Iceland gave an open lecture at the University of Uruguay, the Social Sciences Department in Montevideo. The title of his talk was International drug control measures: Case study from Iceland.

International Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

On April 13, 2016 a Seminar on Social and Economic Crises was held at the School of Economics Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, invited by the CICLOP (Research Center on Local Communities and Social Policy). Professors Örn D. Jónsson and Helgi Gunnlaugsson from the University of Iceland gave a presentation on the Icelandic case, while Professor Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez referred to the Argentine case. The seminar was organized by Dr E.del Acebo Ibáñez, director of CICLOP. with the auspices of the IIEP (Institute directed by Daniel Heymann,FCE-UBA-CONICET).

On July 14th, 2016, Dr. Daniel Chartier (University of Québec-Montréal (Canadá) gave a lecture on “Extreme environments and ‘winterity’: Inhabiting the ‘Circumpolarity’” at the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. It was organized by the Center of Research on Local Communities, Participation and Social Policy (CICLOP-IADCOM) and the Department of Doctoral Studies (School of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires).


University of Greenland in Nuuk

In September and October of 2015 Professor Helgi Gunnlaugsson served as a visiting professor at the University of Greenland in Nuuk.
Here with his MA students in Social Deviance and two children living close to the University.

During August-September 2015 Dr Enrique de Acebo Ibáñez gave an intensive seminar on History & Sociology of Argentina (Audiovisual approach), organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Film Studies of the University of Iceland, for graduate and undergraduate students.


Students attending to the Seminar on History & Sociology of Argentina (Audiovisual approach). Faculty of Social Sciences & Department of Film Studies (University of Iceland). August-September 2015.


Circumpolar Film Exhibition under the framework of the IACSI international workshop run at the University of Iceland, Faculty of Social Sciences, Reykjavík

During the 4th Int’l Workshop in Reykjavík one session included oral presentations while another one was devoted to the screening and discussion of documentary and experimental films from both northern and southern circumpolarities. This second session received collaboration from the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF).


Documentary film LOST (?) in Iceland (Reykjavík/Buenos Aires, 2013-2014, 35′)

Idea and Direction: Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez / Camera: Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez / Mauricio Casaretto / Photography: Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez / Edition: Miguel González Massenio / FX: Alejandra Esquerro  / Music: Dario Ingignoli  / Piano performance: Darío Ingignoli

As it is explained at the beginning of the movie, this is a documentary film but also close to an experimental one because the director decided to use a small standard mobile phone’s camera to record and interview as if it were his very first visit to the island (which had been in 2002), although this film was done in 2013-2014.  As it is explicitly mentioned in the film, the director’s point of view is emphasized. It was first screened in Reykjavík (IACSI International 2014 Workshop; and in Bíó Paradís 2015).


Documentary film “THE SHIP” (idea and direction: Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez).

Southern Atlandic ocean campaign, ‘PUERTO DESEADO’ oceanographic ship

Lieutenant Commander Maximiliano Mangiaterra, Commandant of “Puerto Deseado” Oceanografic Ship, in the middle of the tempest.


Circumpolar Film Exhibition on Circumpolar Sociocultural Issues in Buenos Aires

The 3rd Circumpolar Film Exhibition on Circumpolar Sociocultural Issues was held in Buenos Aires, under the framework of the “I International Workshop on Northern and Southern Circumpolarities: Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Approaches”. It was organized by the Center for Research on Local Communities, Participation and Social Policy (CICLOP), School of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, under the auspices of IACSI and the International Center for the Conservation of  Patrimony (CICOP).

Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez & Helgi Gunnlaugsson (dir.) The Circumpolarity as a sociocultural phenomenon. Past, Present, Future.

Consequently to the IACSI international Conference held in 2010 at the University of Buenos aires, Faculty of Economic Sciences, organized by the CICLOP (Research Center on Local communities, Participation and Social Policy) and IACSI, it was published this book with the following selected papers:

CICLOP-Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010 (471 pages).


Film exhibition in Reykjavík

Circumpolar Film exhibition organized by IACSI:

The second film exhibition was held in 2008, in Reykjavík, devoted to the Argentine cinema (University of Iceland), coordinated by E. del Acebo Ibáñez & Hólmfríður Garðarsdóttir.


Félagsfræði rótfestunnar (Sociology of Rootedness)

In 2007 University of Iceland Press published a book authored by Professor Enrique del Acebo Ibañez, edited by Hólmfríður Garðarsdóttir and Helgi Gunnlaugsson entitled Félagsfræði rótfestunnar (Sociology of Rootedness). This publication is the first ever to be translated from Spanish to Icelandic in the social sciences.

Meeting with the President of Iceland

(From left to right) Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez, President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, Helgi Gunnlaugsson and Hólmfriður Garðarsdóttir meeting at the President’s office to discuss future educational and sociocultural endeavors between Iceland and Argentina.

As a direct consequence of this meeting with the President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, it was launched in 2007 the project “Iceland and Argentina: Sociocultural & Natural Landscapes (A binational call for high school students)” to increase the creation of bridges between the Icelandic and Argentine socio-cultural worlds, coordinated by Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez (Universidad del Salvador, Argentina), Hólmfríður Garðarsdóttir (University of Iceland), and Rosana Francisco (San Vicente de Paul Association, Argentina) on September 2007, under the auspices of the General Consul of Iceland, Mr Walter Koltonski. It was created an evaluation committee coordinated by Walter Koltonski and Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez for both painting and essay contests.

It was organized an international contest addressed to secondary schools from both countries: the call was to write essays and submit paintings about the other culture, that is: the young students had to write essays about the other culture and society and/or paint natural or cultural landscapes. The first stage of this binational project was developed in Argentina, where different paintings and essays were submitted by Argentine High School students of the city of Buenos Aires. The results were printed and a copy was given personally to the Icelandic Ministry of Education, one year after. The prize for the winners was to travel to Iceland and stay in a family house for a week, together with the respective Diploma.


Fieldwork to the Åland Islands (Finland)

Undergraduate students of the intensive international seminar on Northern & Southern Circumpolarity run at the University of Oulu by Dr. Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez (University of Salvador, Argentina)  under the framework of the research and academic activities directed by Dr Milton Núñez (Field trip to the Äland Islands, Baltic Sea, 2005)


First Icelandic Film exhibition (FIFE) in Buenos Aires:

The First Icelandic Film Exhibition (F.I.F.E.), “Icelandic and Argentine Landscapes of the Soul”, was held in Buenos Aires from November 11-14, 2003 under the agreement of collaboration on academic, scientific and cultural issues between the University of Iceland (HI) and the University of Salvador (USAL, Argentina). The event was coordinated by H. Gardarsdóttir (HI) and E. del Acebo Ibáñez (USAL), and the participation of S. Gonella (FAE), receiving the collaboration of the Argentine Scientific Society (SCA) and the Foundation for High Studies on Antarctica and Extreme Environments (FAE, Argentina).

The exhibitions were held at the headquarters of the Argentine Scientific Society (SCA), prestigious and traditional scientific institution created two centuries ago. The four days of the exhibition received an important audience of around 500 participants, among them outstanding Argentine film makers and representatives of the visual arts and culture from Iceland, Finland, United States and Argentina.