What is the International Association of Circumpolar Sociocultural Issues (IACSI)?

IACSI is an international scientific association devoted to the study of different socio-cultural aspects related to the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The Association is integrated mainly by scholars from Social Sciences, Anthropology and Humanities, and also from individuals with different backgrounds but interested in these perspectives and themes. As a new association which looks for integration and cooperation, we are also looking for new members in both circumpolar regions.


The members can be individuals or institutions. Individual membership: € 25 (twenty five Euro) per year, including one copy of the annual issue of “A&A-IJCSCI”. Institutional membership: € 100 (one hundred Euro) per year, including two (2) copies of the annual issue of “A&A-IJCSCI”. In order to apply membership, take contact to the chairperson nearest to your geographical location and pay the membership fee to the bank account mentioned in the very same context. Find the contact and bank account information from here.

What are we after?

Assuming the importance that the socio-cultural approach has for a holistic understanding of the circumpolar phenomenon, we have also considered the need to study the “circumpolar theme” in its bi-polar dimension: the Arctic and the Antarctica, in order to look for convergences and divergences under the debates “local/global”, “North/South”, “development/sustainability”, and also looking for the production and transference of knowledge. In this sense, we privilege scientific investigation with reference to:

    • Local Communities in Extreme Environments
    • Social Problems and Human Well-being
    • Participation and Community Attachment
    • Habitat and Identity
    • Minorities and Native people
    • Migration
    • Environment and Sustainable Development
    • Literature & Arts
    • Prehistory and History
    • Geopolitics and International Relations

Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez / President | edelacebo@yahoo.com
Helgi Gunnlaugsson / Vicepresident | helgigun@hi.is